[Network License] Is it possible to use without connecting to LAN ?

Updated : 2019-07-02 08:36:34 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2013 and later


It is possible to use without connecting to LAN if you set the lending function of Network license.

The available lending term is max. 180 days.


Operation Example :

In case to set 1 license of lending service for 60 days from 10 available Network licenses : 

  • PC1 user can use IJCAD for 60 days without connecting to LAN.
  • Network license will become total 9 licenses available.
  • When PC1 user return the license right or the 60 days term limit expires, Network license will become total 10 licenses available.
  • If the license term 60 days passes, PC1 loose the license and requires to connect to the LAN again to get the right to use IJCAD.
    (Even the license term is over, it is possible to use as a CAD Viewer without save nor export function.)
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