[Network License] What is the timeout function of the license ?

Updated : 2019-07-02 08:35:36 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2015 / 2016

This function is supported from IJCAD 2015 Network License.

Timeout function works when the client PC, which is recognized as one network license, does not operate more than the setting limit operation time, this license will be automatically released from the license.

Timeout term is possible to set freely. (by minute term)


How to setup :

  1. Open the [userset.ini] file in the install folder of license manager by text editor.
    * As a default setting, the path of the install folder will be as follows,
    -> C:¥IJCAD NetWork License Manager
  2. Key in the timeout term by miunute (Integer value) in [usertimeout] value. (If this value is not set or set to "0", timeout process does not work.)
  3. Overwrite the setting as [Save].
  4. Select [LMTools] of the [IJCAD NetWork License Manager] folder from [All the programs] in the start menu of windows.
  5. Open [Start/Stop/Restart] folder.
  6. Click [Stop Server] button to stop the license manager, and click [Start Server] button to restart the lincense manager.
  7. When you restart, the setting becomes reflected.
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