How to reduce the data file size

Updated : 2019-07-06 08:29:24 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 

There is some method to reduce the data size as follows :

  • To execute "PURGE" command. 
    "PURGE" command will delete the definition of the blocks or layers, which is not used or refered in the current drawing.  
    The drawing data size might be reduced when the unnecessary information will be deleted.

    1. Open the drawing.
    2. Execute "PURGE" command.

    3. Select "Display the items which is able to delete the name" and "Purge nested items", and then click "Purge all". If the "Unnamed Objects" is also available to select, check it also. 
    4. Select "Close" to close this dialogue.
    5. Save this drawing file as another named file and close this drawing.
    6. Open the newly saved drawing to cinfirm the size.

  • Run the Save As
    in order to improve the performance of IJCAD In usually save, by the setting of the incremental percentage, it has become a setting where you want to save the change difference in the file. Because there is no part that has been added by the difference If you save in the "Save As", the file may be smaller.

  • To reduce the image size of OLE
    If you paste some images with OLE, it is possible to reduce the total file size to reduce each image size. (Note that the resolution of the image will be rough when you reduce the image size.)  

  • In case of DXF file: Save the data as DWG format or binary DXF format
    Mostly the DXF file is used with text format file.
    If you exchange this text type DXF file to DWG format or binary DXF format file, the file size would become around one-sixth of the original file. (This ratio is different by the file contents.) 

    Note : Some other softwares may not support binary DXF file.

  • Set "Keep the display accuracy of the different scale object" to OFF
    Try to set this option OFF and save as another file name. The information concerned to these scale will be minimized and let the file size reduced. But this drawing data with OFF status, might cause the collaption with drawing display in the limited version of  IJCAD (prior to 2013), AutoCAD or the other CAD software, which does not support the different scale function.


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