What is the difference between LT / STD / PRO grade ?

Updated : 2020-03-05 02:48:47 UTC

The function difference of IJCAD 2016 is as follows :

Function LT  STD PRO

PLUS tool
・JWW file Read/Write
・JWW whole file conversion
・JW layer
・PDF→CAD conversion
・2・3 tangent circle


Extension Tool
・Drawing comparison
・Figure Align/Place
・Text Outline
・Delete Overlap
・Polyline Boolean operation

Dynamic Block(Use)
Dynamic Block(Create) × ×
Region(Create) × ×
Magnifing Glass × ×
3D Cooerdinate
3D Polygon Mesh
3D Solid Display
3D Solid Create/Edit × ×
ACIS(.sat)file Read/Write × ×
AutoLISP(With Macro)
AutoLISP(File load)  × 
Application Base(.net,arx,etc)   × 


LT grade ・・・  Recomended to the user who does not need to customize the function and use
                        the basic drawing functions. (Recomended to transfer from AutoCAD LT

STD grade・・・This grade consists of, LT grade + Additional convenient functions
                        + API for customize availabe. (Recomended to transfer from 2D AutoCAD LT 
                        version and Regular version.)

PRO grade・・・This grade has 3D solid Data capability in addition to LT / STD functionality.
                        (Recomended to transfer from AutoCAD Regular version. * Note that 3D
                         function is limited so it is recommended to try DEMO version to check.)


Refer to the function comparison table about more detail. 


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