For support and end of life products

Updated : 2020-03-06 01:35:49 UTC

IJCAD / IJ_IntelliCAD product support status

Support the situation is as follows.

Products Status End of Support Date
IJCAD 2016 (solutions included) Enable
IJCAD 2015 (solutions included) Enable
IJCAD 2014(Mechanical included) Enable Feb,2017 
IJCAD 2013(Civil included) EOSL Jan,2016
IJCAD 8 EOSL Aug,2015
IJCAD 7 EOSL Aug,2014
IJCAD 6(6.4) EOSL Jun,2011
IJ IntelliCAD 6(6.4) EOSL Jun,2011
IntelliCAD 5 / 4 / 3 EOSL Dec,2009
EBA's IntelliCAD EOSL Dec,2009

* Various also includes solutions product.
* EOSL = end of support life


For support the end product

The most significant impact after the end of support is that the new update will no longer be provided.
This will affect all of the guests you are using a product that becomes a support end.

■ For customers in the support contract period
for in the Support Agreement period of customers, we will continue to support to support the period of the contract.
However, please understand that it does not allow the extension of the support contract period.
For IJCAD 2014 and later products, it will conform to the contents of the subscription.

Q: What happens if Activation?
A: For activation, you can continue.

Q: What will happen to the provision of updates?
A: There is no provision for a new update.
   However, the update that has already been provided, can be downloaded is provided on an ongoing basis.

Q: What happens if the USB version is broken?
A: In the case of USB version is damaged, you will be able to exchange for a fee in the same way as current until the existing stock is exhausted.

Q: What will happen to the purchase of additional licenses?
A: license purchase additional support for the end product can not be, except for special circumstances.
 Additional license sales of the following products was finished completely on December 25, 2014.
 · IJ IntelliCAD 4/5/6 all products
 · IJCAD 6/7/8 all products
 , all products of IJCADX


  • Who support the end product you use, please consider upgrading to the latest version.


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