[USB License] Troubleshooting dosn't successfully start

Updated : 2019-07-06 09:06:16 UTC

If the USB License of the USB key does not start well, please check the following content.

  1. USB key is attached to the USB port on the PC.
    If it is not installed, please attach.

  2. Loaded light of the USB key is glowing.
    If the light is not shining, because they are not well recognized, is attached to a different USB port, please try to start it once after a little disconnect the power to terminate the PC (a few minutes).
    Also, if you are stabbing the USB key into a USB hub, please try it directly to the USB port on your PC.

  3. When wearing the USB, but the driver installation is performed light does not emit light.
    Please try to restart Windows.


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