Windows 10 support status

Updated : 2021-01-12 02:09:11 UTC

Windows 10 support status of IntelliJapan products

If there is a large-scale update to Windows 10, because there is a possibility that is not supported at the time of release of the OS, please note.
Products Recommended version of Windows 10
IJCAD 2018 SP0 (Build:180120) Ver.1709
IJCAD 2017 SP2.1(Build:171026) Ver.1709
SP2 (Build:170810) Ver.1703
SP1 (Build:170222) Ver.1607
SP0 (Build:170118) Ver.1607
IJCAD Mechanical 2017 SP1 (Build:171020) Ver.1709
SP0 (Build:170321) Ver.1607
IJCAD 2016 SP1 (Build:160527) Ver.1511
SP0 (Build:170321) Ver.1607 (32bit only)
IJCAD Mechanical 2016 SP1 (Build:171014) Ver.1607
SP0 (Build:160331) ×
IJCAD Electrical (Build:160229) ×
IJCAD Civil 2016 (Build:160527) Ver.1511
IJCAD 2015 Unverified due to unsupported product
IJCAD Mechanical 2015
IJCAD Civil 2015
IJCAD 2014
IJCAD 2013
IJCAD Civil 2013
  • "Windows® 10 Mobile", "Windows® 10 Mobile Enterprise", does not work with "Windows® 10 IoT Core".
  • "Windows® 10 Enterprise", "Windows® 10 Education", is by its very nature, it is believed to work but do not have carried out the operation verification.
  • IJCAD 2014 for the previous product, there is no operation verification plan.
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