Compatibility of mechanical data?

Updated : 2019-06-27 08:15:02 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD Mechanical 2015 / 2016


IJCAD Mechanical, like IJCAD of general-purpose CAD, there is a compatibility of DWG files, in addition to it has confirmed the data compatibility with AutoCAD Mechanical 2013.

For the old AutoCAD Mechanical data, we recommend that you use since the re-stored at AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 format. 

For data that are stored on other versions of AutoCAD Mechanical, it is considered to be also compatible not take the case.

Especially in each other AutoCAD Mechanical, such as do not take is compatible, for the data of AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop, so you believed that compatibility can not be taken in the same manner even IJCAD, please check enough at trial.


※ towards the introduction, if you would like a deeper study than the case and the trial period is not enough, if introduced support is required, contact us please.

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