About the Conversion of PDF Import function

Updated : 2020-03-05 02:58:14 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 (Each STD / PRO grade)

* This feature is only the IJCAD Japanese version.

PDF import of IJCAD is the function which imports PDF file as a CAD data.
(This function is different from the PDF underlay function which display only as a reference data.)

You can improt the data as follows :


  1. Select the menu such as [Ribbon] - [PLUS] - [PDF Import].

  2. Select the PDF file required and click [OPEN].
  4. If the display shows like the following picture with the cursor, click [ENTER].

  5. System will import the PDF file.


The data converted by PDF Import command (PDFIN) will be converted according to the following rules.


Paper size of the imported data

  • Imported Paper size is as same as PDF file size. If the original PDF file is saved as for example A3 size, scale 1:100, it will be imported into the CAD file as A3 size, scale 1:100. And if you want to work with full size mode, it is necessary to magnify/scaledown according to the original file size/scale. (In this example case, 100 times manification is necessary.)


The contents of the imported data

For Vector data Converted to Line or Circle

Command Option setting is possible whether the curve should be converted to Circle or Arc.

For Raster data Convert to image reference

Image file will be exported to a certain folder.

For Text Converted to text

If it is unable to be converted to text, it will be converted to the outlines such as Line and Circle

For Filled part Converted to SOLID hatching

If the shape is impossible to convert, it will be disappeared


  • If the data in the PDF file is saved as a Raster mode, such as bitmap data, it will transfer directly as Raste data.
  • In case of text conversion, even the original data is text information, some data might be converted to outline data according to the PDF data situation.



When you are in the former "PROCEDURE no.3", Import option window will appear if you select option (O).

You can change setting for PDF Import.  

Contents of OPTION

  • Page Indication : Indicate the page number which to import if there are multiple pages. (ex. 1-4、 2,4,6 )
  • Placement Order : For the multiple import pages, indicate page placement.
  • Circle/Arc conversion : Possible to specify to convert to Circle/Arc for the Line information in PDF, which is possible to recognize as Circle/Arc. Angle Tolerance is the threashold (Angle between Lines) value to recognize as Arc.
  • Fill Arrow : Fill the arrow which is possible to recognize as Dimension Arrow.
  • Create Drawing Frame : Indicate if the drawing frame is necessary or not.
  • Unite Text : Indicate if the close texts should be joined together or not.
                      (In many cases, the text position will be changed.) 
  • Delete the Overlaped Text : Delete the overlaped text which has the same text line close toghether.
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