How to activate to select multi Objects when you are in single selection mode

Updated : 2020-08-27 00:22:33 UTC

Applicable Products :  IJCAD 2013 and later


Object selection function has a mode and normaly it is in multi selection mode. (Available to add to the selection set)

Selection mode setting locates on the icon of the pallet of object property management. It is easy to mistake clicking and change to single selection mode.

The Icon will change according to the selection mode, so confirm it by displaying property window.

When you are in the single selection mode, selected figure will not enter into the selection set.
When you are in this mode,  you can select the additional figure by selecting this figure pushing SHIFT key.


Also you can enable it by changing the system value "PICKADD".

pickadd の設定値

  • 1 … PICKADD ON (Default)
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