When displayed "Cannot make the exchangeable clipboard format "

Updated : 2019-07-08 03:50:43 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016


When you use the function which utilizes clipboard function, such as "Copy" or "CopyBase", system might display the message "Cannot make the exchangeable clipboard format". This case occurs when the system cannot generate data on the clipboard.
The main reason will be as follows :

  • Lack of memory
  • Lack of PC performance
  • Wrong CAD setting



The followings are how to resolve it.

  1. Decrease the element number to copy
    When you select all the elements in the big drawing data, big amount of memory size will become necessary. In this case, it is recomended to copy only a part of drawing and it might work well.    

  2. Decrease the amount of opened files. (When many files are opened at the same time.)
    When you are opening many drawing files to work with, if you close the files beside the current working file, you can decrease the working memory for IJCAD. 

  3. Cleanup the temporary files
    Try to Cleanup the temporary folder on Windows and then try the copy again.

  4. Check the data by Recover and audit
    If there is an error in the data which you try to copy, you may not succeed it.
    In this case, try to check the data by executing "Recover" or "Audit".

  5. Check the temporary folder path of IJCAD, if it is adequate or not.
    If this temporary folder path is not rewriteable setting, system cannot make any temporary file for the copy. The default setting is the temporary folder of the Login user of Windows. 
    (Windows7/8/10 : C:\Users\<<User name>>\AppData\Local\Temp )

  6. Check if there is an influence of Security software or not
    Some Security software check inside the contents of clipboard. There is a possibility of the influence of this kind of software, so try to terminate this kind of software or change the setting of Security software. 

  7. Restart PC
    Even it won't resolve by the former countermeasure, there might exist the other reason to unable generation of temporary files, and then restart PC.



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