When a part of the MENU is broken

Updated : 2020-02-20 04:47:20 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2013 and later

Normally MENU will not be broken, but it happens to be unable to display the menu file correctly when changing the file path or being broken the file because of the customization. 

In this case try the following process to initialize / restore the menu file.


To initialize the Menu file (If IJCAD is possible to restart)

Try to initialize the menu file by executing the CUI command.

  1. Execute the Interface command. Key in from the keyboard as :
    CUI [Enter]

  2. Try right button click on the IJCAD column in the customize file tree, and then click the [Restoration] or [Reset].

  3. Finish the customization by clicking "OK" button. 
  4. Confirm that the Menu is restored or reset correctly. 

Initialize Menu file (If IJCAD is unable to restart)

Try to initialize by deleting the Menu file.

  1. Open the Windows Explorer.
  2. Key in "%appdata%" in the address column, and open the application data folder.

     (The hidden folder setting of Windows must be set Display On.)

    According to the IJCAD version, display the following file in the application data folder.
    IJCAD 2013 :¥ITJP¥IJCAD 2013 <grade>
    IJCAD 2014 :¥Intellijapan¥IJCAD <grade>¥R13.0
    IJCAD 2015 :¥Intellijapan¥IJCAD <grade>¥R15.0
    IJCAD 2016 :¥Intellijapan¥IJCAD <grade>¥R16.0

  3. Delete the files in the folder.


When main menu file has been changed

Main menu file of IJCAD is, "gcad.cui" for IJCAD 2013 and "gcad.cuix" for IJCAD 2014 and later version.  

If main menu file of IJCAD has been modified and main menu has disappeared by some reason, try to specify main menu as follows : 

  1. Execute Option.
  2. Open the "File" label and select the main customize file of customize file from the tree. 
    (It is custom file in IJCAD 2013.)
  3. Check the path defined in main cutomize file.
    Refer to the following table for the default path of each IJCAD version.
    Product Default path(Windows Vista or later)
    IJCAD 2016 C:\Users\<ユーザ名>\AppData\Roaming\IntelliJapan\IJCAD <grade>\R16.0\JA-JP\support\gcad.cuix
    IJCAD 2015 C:\Users\<ユーザ名>\AppData\Roaming\IntelliJapan\IJCAD <grade>\R15.0\JA-JP\support\gcad.cuix 
    IJCAD 2014  C:\Users\<ユーザ名>\AppData\Roaming\IntelliJapan\IJCAD <grade>\R13.0\JA-JP\support\gcad.cuix
    IJCAD 2013  C:\Users\<ユーザ名>\AppData\Roaming\ITJP\IJCAD 2013 <grade> JPN\icad.cui
    * <> "grade" in parentheses is different according to the environment. 

  4. If the path is set different from default path, try to change the File name. (For example, "gcad.cuix" is  set to "expres.cuix".) It is also possible to select from right reference button.
  5. Click "OK" button and finish the option window. Finaly confirm the Menu if it is correctly modified or not.
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