How to do when the cursor movement is bad

Updated : 2020-06-09 01:27:11 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2014 / 2015 


When the cursor does not move smoothly in the particular drawing

Check the following items : 

  • Display style is set up beside "2D wireframe display"
    If it is set up the display style for 3D expression such as "Realistic" or "Concept", the response might be slower than "2D wireframe display". Try to change to the "2D wireframe display"setting.   

  • PC graphic driver versoin is old. 
    When even the setting is "2D wireframe display" but still the movement of the cursor is not well, try to update the graphic driver version of your PC.
    Please inquire to your PC factory how to update the graphic driver.


When the cursor does not move smoothly for all of the drawings

Check the following items : 

  • Open the Memory Management Setting window while opening your drawing file.
    Check if the "Current memory usage" size is more than the mounted memory (RAM) size of this PC or not. If the usage memory is more than the mounted memory size, the lack of memory may cause the slowdown of all the OS system. Try to add the memory (RAM) or terminate the permanent running software to keep the memory area available.
    Now in case of 32 bit OS, 4GB RAM is maximum to mount. If your drawing needs more than 4 GB, try to use the 64 bit OS, mounting more than 4GB RAM on your PC, and IJCAD 64 bit version.  


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