If You Do Not DWG Data Is Opened In The Destination You Pass A File

Updated : 2019-01-08 07:23:19 UTC

Target Product: IJCAD 2013 or later


When you try to open a DWG or DXF file that you created and saved in a different CAD software in IJCAD, If you can not open well, make sure the following points.

  1. The destination of the software is to check whether the software that can open the DWG and DXF.
    DWG, if not the software to open the DXF, you will need software to open.

  2. If the destination of the software opens the DWG and DXF, can do to make sure that open up to any version.
    DWG, will have the file versions of DXF. R14 format, 2000 format, because only up to the old format, such as 2004 format There is also software that does not support, in that case, with the type of file and run the "Save As" and select the old version in IJCAD you save.

  3. To check the corruption of data.
    If you can not open even if passed in readable DWG · DXF data in the destination software, once, in the drawings audit (audit) command, please try again and save it to check the data. If an error has been repaired, it might be able to read well.

Drawing data that is stored in IJCAD is ready for AutoCAD and mutual exchange without the normal problem.

If you can not open well after the above content, it will be considered a state in which the CAD software of the delivery destination is not able to correspond well. By the case, such as JW_CAD writing, you might want or try the other drawing format.



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