How to Cancel the association with DWG file

Updated : 2019-10-04 01:23:56 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2013 or later

The method to cancel the association with DWG file on Windows Vista, 8,10, is as follows :

  1. Click the Windows Start Button and key in "CMD"
  2. CMD.EXE will be listed up. Click it with right button of the mouse and select "Run as  administrator"

  3. In general setting, the user account control message will be displayed and the administrator password or change of PC will be required. Then key in the password or accept the change.
  4. Now you can execute the command prompt with administrator right and then key in the code as follows.  
    assoc .dwg=[Enter]

    * Note that there is a blank after "assoc"

  5. Then the relation is canceled. Click the [x] button on the upper right corner of the command prompt window to finish.


The method to cancel the association with DWG file on Windows Vista, 7 is as follows :  

* This time the 3rd party software is needed. Please check and exicute by your self-responsability.


  1. Download the "" file from the following site.
  2. Then extract this "" file.
  3. Execute the "unassoc.exe" file.
  4. Find the ".dwg" extension in the list and select it as follows. 

    (you can also key in ".dwg" in the File types column.)
  5. After selecting ".dwg", click [Delete file type] button.
  6. Click the [x] button on the upper right corner of the unassociate File Types window to finish. Then once restart the Windows.
When these process is succeded, the association with DWG file will be cancelled. 

If you want to recover the association with DWG file again, restart IJCAD.


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