How to keep the layer assignment of JWCAD by JWW export

Updated : 2019-07-06 08:17:30 UTC

Applicable Product :  IJCAD 2014 / 2015 / 2016

* this function is the japanese version only.

IJCAD can keep the layer assignment of JWCAD by following the rule of the layer name on JWW export execution.

The layer name rule is as follows :

  • "Group number of JWW"-”Layer number” "Layer name"


For example, when you want to set the "Base Line" layer on "A" layer of "0" group,

Put the layer name as "0-A BaseLine".

If you don't need the layer name, then use only "0-A".


Specification of Layer Transfer



Freeze Layer

Correspond to JWW setting environment.
*There is a setting to output/non-output the freezed layer.

Undisplay layer

Transfer into undisplay layer of JW.

Lock layer

Transfer into desicated input layer.

Display layer, w/non-Freeze, non-lock

Transfer into Read/Write valid layer.


※About the destination of the layer

  • The drawing will be registered into the corresponding layer if JWW layer number is assigned to the layer name.
  • If JWW layer number is not assigned to the layer name, the unregistered layer will be added and the drawing will be registered there. 
  • If the layer number will pass over 256, the rest of the layer data will be registered into "0-0" layer.
  • The layer name will be saved into header.
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