How to register the Block drawing to the tool pallet

Updated : 2016-10-21 08:15:37 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD2014 and later

Block Registration

  1. Open the folder of target block drawing in the Windows Explorer.

  2. Select the target block drawing from the explorer and drag & drop it into the tool pallet.

  3. Block drawing will be registered. Its icon will also be automatically generated to image. 

  4. When you want to modify the icon, click right button on the icon and select "Specify Image" in the menu. 

    "Select the Image file" dialogue appears. Then select the image to assign in order to the icon and click the "Open" button. The icon will be modified.

  5. If you click the registered block drawing icon, EXECUTETOOL(Execute the tool) command will be executed and you can insert this block into the drawing.


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