To define the Palette group on toolpalette

Updated : 2016-10-25 07:47:53 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD2014 and later

When you use the Palette group, you can control to display only the palette in need. 

Definition of the Palette Group

  1. Click right button on the tool palette. 

  2. Select "Customize palettes" in the displayed menu.

  3. "Custom" dialogue will appear.
    Click the right button on the right side of dialogue of "Palette Groups", and select "New".

  4. New group will be created. Set the group name.

  5. Select the palettes from "Palettes" list, which you want to add into new group, and drag & drop into the "Palete Groups" area.

  6. The palettes will be aligned in the group.

  7. Follow this operation to add all the palette in need. You can also make the other new groups.

  8. When you finish to define new group, set the default group to be displayed on starting up tool palette.
    Click the right button on the group to display, and select "Current setting" from the menu.
    (Item set to present is not IJCAD 2016. Right-click the tab of the Toolpalettes is the visibility of the Group and sets.

  9. Selected active palette group will be displayed in bord character.

  10. When you close the dialogue, only the selected palette group will be displayed.
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