[Network license] If this server to coexist with other FlexNet software

Updated : 2019-06-18 06:52:16 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2014 / 2015 / 2016


The network version of the IJCAD, on the same server, it is possible to co-exist with other FLEXlm / FLEX net software (for example, AutoCAD network version of, etc.).

If you want to co-exist other FlexNet software and the license server, please note the following points. 

  1. FLEXnet is TCP port batting to use
    if you are using the same license manager FELXnet / FLEXlm by other software in the same server, and TCP port number is batting, you can not connect.
    If this is the case, run the IJCAD license management program, to change from the port setting to a port that does not duplicate the number of the port, should be re-started.

    (before the change)

    (after the change)


When the use of the port is a duplicate, both of the license or,, one of the license is recognized without any problems, it is ready to another license is not recognized. If one is not recognized, often fall into this problem. 

After the port of change also, if one of the FlexNet license is not recognized, restart the both of FlexNet service once from the end.

If you are still not recognized, reboot the server.


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