How to do when Error: "UnKnown exception in save proc." displays and cannot save the file

Updated : 2018-07-24 02:45:28 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2014 / 2015 / 2016

When you try to save the file and get the Error: "UnKnown exception in save proc." and cannot save the data, there may be the following reasons :


   1. The influence of the other active software, such as security software

       The drawing file might be locked by the other active software. In this case, the other software should be stopped running or temporary stopped running and you can check if the file can be saved.

   2.  The drawing file is partialy broken

       When you work with the drawing data from other software or the drawing with partially broken data, drawing file may have an inconsistent data. Try with Audit command (_Audit) to check this data.
        Command Example :
        Command : AUDIT
        Audit and modify the error ? [ Yes (Y) / No (N) ] <N>:Y
        23916 objects were audited.
        Error number meanwhile auditing : 16, Modified error number : 13 

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