How to display the option window

Updated : 2018-01-24 01:14:01 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2014 / 2015 / 2016

There are some way to display the Option window for the various setting of IJCAD.

Try the following methods.

  1. From the Application button
    Select the upper left button of IJCAD window and check the bottom of the coming menu. (This button won't display until you select any drawing file.)

  2. From the Drawing space or the Command line
    When you click the right button in the drawing window, you can find the option menu in this menu.

  3. From the "Display " menu in the Ribbon Menu (2D drafting work space)
    Option menu stays in the pannel button of the "User Interface" in the "View" menu of the ribbon menu.

  4. From the Pull Down Menu (IJCAD Classic work sapce)
    Option menu stays in at the bottom of the "Tools" of the pull down menu.

  5. From the Keyboard
    Key in "options[Enter]" or "config[Enter]", then option command will be executed. (When the dynamic input is ON, Option will display automatically meanwhile keying in.) 
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