How to operate only displaying the selected objects

Updated : 2018-01-24 00:56:07 UTC

Applicable Produts : IJCAD 2014 /2015 /2016

Generally you can change the drawing display mode using the layer Display/Lock/Freeze setting.

Now IJCAD has the "Selected Objects Display" function to control the display or hide of the particular objects. 

You can control the objects to hide the unnecessary objects in the same layer to work easily.

"Selected Objects Display" function icon stays in the right side of status bar at the bottom of IJCAD window.

When this icon is selected, popup menu will be displayed.

"Selected Objects Display" function will display the selected objects and hide the other objects.

"Selected Objects Hide" function will hide the selected objects.

The following picture is the reference image of selected display :


If there are any hidden objects, the light bulb icon wll be displayed OFF. 

When you want to reset the hidden objects, execute "End Object Isolation" to dsiplay again. (The objects are not deleted.) 

Now this function will not be retained. When you close this drawing file and open it again, the hidden objects will be displayed all.

Each command is as follows :

  • _isolateobjects ・・・ Selected Object Display
  • _hideobjects ・・・・ Selected Object Hide
  • _unisolateobjects ・・・ Selected End Object Isolation


Reference System Variable

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