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Script is the text file which contains one command in one row. (File extension is ".scr")

You can execute the series of operation defined in the script file when starting up the system or run the SCRIPT command.  Routine operation will be simply automated by script. 

To make the script file, only you have to use text editor (Microsoft notepad etc.) or word processor (Microsoft Word etc.) and save the file in ASCII format.

One command must be in one row in this script file.
"Space" will be detected as the stop sign of each command or data field, so it is important.

You had better master well the flow of prompts in order to describe the appropriate order in the script file.

You can also add the comments in the script file. When the row starts by semicolon (;), this row will be interpreted to all comment and neglected from the execution of this script.
The end row of the script file must be kept blank line.


How to make Script

Script can include command name, keyword, coordinates, and the other values.
(LISP formula also will be accepted.)

Here is one example script to "Execute Zoom, then create 2 circles of center coordinate (5,5) " 

  1. First execute the Microsoft Windows Memo software and describe the following contents.
    ;; Sample.scr

    • Key in all the contents necessary for the command line. 
    • New line indicates to execute [Enter] command.
    • The discriptions after the semicolon (;) will be interpreted to comment and neglected from the execution .

  2. Save this file as an extension ".scr"

  3. Script file will be finished. (The file icon will be different according to the environment.)

  4. When you execute this script, the command will be executed as follows :
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