Procedure of silent installation

Updated : 2020-06-18 08:58:45 UTC
Applicable Products : IJCAD 2016
The network version and the USB version of the IJCAD, if such be installed on a number of PC in the same environment, you can reduce the time of installation by performing a silent installation.In this page, we explain the procedure of silent installation. 

To create a response file for a silent installation

Follow these steps to create a response file needed for silent installation of IJCAD.
  1. The setup file set has entered folder of IJCAD will be displayed in Windows Explorer.
  2. Aix in the empty space in the file list area of ​​crawler enter the [Shift] key + [Right-click, and then click the "Open command window here".
  3. On the command prompt, and then run the setup in the following format.
    setup.exe -s -r -f1c:\temp\install_data.iss
    * F1 and c:\ ... There is no space in between.
    * means to create a response file in the c:\temp\install_data.ISS path and name
    * If you have spaces in the path to path "" enclose the enclosed in.
       ex. setup.exe -s -r -f1. "c:\temp folder\install_data.iss"

  4. Since the normal installation as well as setup of IJCAD begins, it proceeds with input and set the various items, such as a serial key and installation.
  5. If the installation is successful, since the response file called install_data.iss on the C drive of the temp folder is created, and then saved with the setup file of IJCAD.

To perform a silent installation using a response file

Using the response file that was created in the above, and then install the same settings to another PC.
  1. From the command line or batch file to run the setup of IJCAD in the form such as the following.
    setup.exe -s -f1c:\temp\install_data.iss
    * C: the path portion of the \temp\install_data.iss, please change to suit the environment.
  2. The installation is complete on the basis of the content of the response file.
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