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Updated : 2019-07-08 07:14:31 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD Mechanical 2015/2016


By moving the files to a predetermined folder, it can be registered in the drawing frame.
Use the following procedure.


1. to the folder where the drawing frame is stored, to migrate the files of any of the drawing frame and the title block.

Storage location is, by default, is as follows.

  • Drawing borders : C:\Program Files\ITJP\IJCAD Mechanical 2016(or 2015)\Dwg\Format
  • Title field : C:\Program Files\ITJP\IJCAD Mechanical 2016(or 2015)\Dwg\Title 

(※ 64Bit OS If you have installed the IJCAD Mechanical 32bit, part of the Program Files will be in Program Files (x86).)


2. Start IJCAD Mechanical, to launch the Options dialog in GMOPTIONS command.

3. Double-click the "drawing sheet" of standard elements .

4. default paper format, and from the [...] button on the default of the title field, to specify each file.


5. After applying the settings in the "Apply" button to close the dialog.

 Setup is now complete.

And later run the drawing frame insertion (GMTITLE) command, "paper size (P)", allows you to call by selecting any of the data from the "title column (T)".




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