The difference of "extfont2.shx" between IJCAD and AutoCAD

Updated : 2018-03-09 04:33:33 UTC
Applicable Products : IJCAD 2014 / 2015 / 2016
In IJCAD there is a same named Font file as AutoCAD, but its function has small difference because of the  original design.
Here explained the difference between extfont2.shx and @extfont2.shx which is well used in Japanese Text style. 

Text font of Vertical and Horizontal writing function

The vertical and horizontal writing function of IJCAD and AutoCAD is as follows : 
File Name


extfont2.shx(= extfont2IJ.shx) of IJCAD ×
@extfont2.shx (= @extfont2IJ.shx) of IJCAD × 
extfont2.shx of AutoCAD ○  ○ 
@extfont2.shx of AutoCAD  ○ 
@extfont2.shx of IJCAD is the same as @extfont2IJ.shx. It is different with @extfont2.shx of AutoCAD.
It apply only to the vertical writing and not to the horizontal writing. If you have to handle the vertical writing data of @extfont2.shx from AutoCAD or the other CAD, change the text style to extfont2.shx in IJCAD.
For the character object character, such as parentheses, @extfont2.shx (@extfont2IJ.shx) of IJCAD is different with AutuCAD font. 
Reference Font Image
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