Text or Dimension has disappeared when it is saved in old version format such as DWG 2000

Updated : 2018-10-24 08:46:11 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2014 / 2015/ 2016

Text, Dimension or Block drawing may happen to be disappeared when using the old version format such as DWG 14, 2000, 2004 format.

The problem may appear on the drawing with Text style or Dimension style using different scale, in the old CAD version which did not support Annotation scaling function. 

In this case, please check the following points.

  1. Check if the annotation scale of model space is set up beside [1:1] when saving this drawing

    If the annotation scale is set up beside [1:1] with the old CAD version which does not support Annotation scaling function, "Different scale Objects"
    Please set the scale of model space as [1:1] before saving the drawing data, then this problem might be resolved. 

  2. Check the setting "Maintain visual fidelity for annonative obj" of IJCAD

    Check the setting "Keep the accuracy of different scale object display" of IJCAD, when you use the drawing data of AutoCAD 2007 or earlier, IJCAD 8 or earlier version, or other CAD software data.
    If you exchange the drawing data which is used "Different scale object" in the model space, it is recommended to set "Maintain visual fidelity for annonative obj"=OFF setting in the [Object] - [Open/Save] label window, the drawing data will be transfered as it looks.

  3. Check if the Text style, Dimension style or Block using different scale exists or not.

    If you always save the data with the 2007 format or earlier format, it is recommended not to use the annotation scale function. For example, it is not recommended to use the following style or drawing functions.
    • Style (Text, Dimension, Multi lead line)
    • Text (single line text, Multi text, Attribute difinition)
    • Block
    • Hatching
    • Dimension
    • Geometric Tolerance
    • Multi lead line


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