How to input the dimension tolerance

Updated : 2020-09-17 04:08:41 UTC

Applicable Product : IJCAD 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016

There is 2 ways to input dimension tolerance in IJCAD.

Each method is as follows :


1.Set in the Dimension Style

If you define the default tolerance value in "Tolerance" of the Dimension Style window, those value will be displayed automatically when the dimension is displayed.

Drawing example (From above, Symmetrical, Deviation, Limits, Basic)

If you want to modify the dimension tolerance value, it is possible in the Tolerance column of the property window. 


2.Key in with Stack text of Dimension

Dimension is configured of Multi Text. When the dimension is selected as an edit mode, you fill find that this text is expressed with dimension stack function.

You can make the stack character as follows :

  1. In order to change to the edit mode, double click the dimension (or execute the text edit command), and then key in, for example "+0.01^-0.02". (You should key in your required value.)
  2. Select the keyed-in texts.
  3. After being selected texts, click the stack icon in the Text Format Tool Bar.

  4. The tolerance value will be displayed in 2 stages.
  5. If you want to edit only the tolerence, select only the stack text part and click the right button, then select the stack style in the pop up menu. (This menu will be valid only when the stack text is selected.)
  6. When the stack property dialogue is displayed, check the 2 stage contents and expression.

Here are some stack texts samples : 
(From above, Tolerance, , Fractional(Horizontal), Fractional(Oblique))

If you change the division character of the stack text, the expression style will be changed.  

Expression example :

"+0.01^-0.02" → Tolerance

"+0.01#-0.02" → Fractional(Horizontal) 

"+0.01/-0.02" → Fractional(Oblique)


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