How to restore the drawing files from abnormal termination

Updated : 2019-12-12 09:36:51 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2014 or later

Power failure, hardware failure of a computer, due to problems such as the software, it may IJCAD program to fail. In IJCAD, mechanism for restoring the data for such cases are also included.

In this article, we'll show you how to restore the drawing files that were open in such a case.


For a file to be used to restore

  • Repair files: by the failure of the program, the case of abnormal termination, will be saved work contents of the current is in a separate file. This file is usually called "the drawing file name _recover.dwg" will be stored in the same folder as the drawing file.
  • Auto Save (temporary) file: auto-save file it is, have to operate the CAD will be created as a temporary file of drawings and stand a certain period of time. This file is, by default, in the Windows temporary folder, extension "drawing file name .sv $" will be saved in the name of SV $. In addition, this file is no longer if the drawing file has been successfully closed.
  • Backup files: backup file, the file of the previous state when you save the drawing file is created as a .bak file.


Recovery after abnormal termination

When the program or system is abnormal termination to a fault occurs, the next time you start IJCAD, you will see the Drawing Recovery Manager.

The Drawing Recovery Manager, a list of all drawing files that were open as follows will be displayed. The list is displayed in the new order.
(When an unexpected failure is not to save the drawings that were open at the time of the occurrence, those figures do not appear in the drawings remediation management palette. Is after starting the work, the regular work Please use to save.)


From the drawing repair management, and select from the following file you can open the drawing file for each drawing (if any).

  • Drawing file name _recover.dwg
  • Drawing file name $
  • Drawing file name .dwg
  • Drawing file name .bak

Shortcut menu when you right-click the drawing file node of the top-level listed in the backup file] area is displayed, you open all of the drawings under the node and click the "Open all of the drawings." When you double-click each file to open the files individually.

If the drawing file is opened, please fix save the necessary files from the check the content again from the "Save As" (_saveas).

It should be noted that, if the drawing file for the restoration was a state can not be opened, you will see the following message.
If you now click on the "Yes", it attempts to restore by repair command.

Repair command by the "Yes", if that could not be restored, you will see the following message.
Drawing file to which this message is displayed, the file of the state that can not be restored.
In this case, restore from this drawing file is give up, please check whether it can be restored from another file.


If all of the drawings of the problem is to close the Drawing Recovery manager palette before to solve, you can run the _DRAWINGRECOVERY [drawings remediation management] command open the Drawing Recovery manager palette.

When you have finished restoring the file, and right-click on the drawing file node to click the "removal", it will be removed from the drawing remediation management palette.


In addition, you may have left even if they are not displayed in the Drawing Recovery Manager backup file list of the palette, the SV $ and BAK file. Each file location is as follows.

  • SV $ files, make sure to open the folder from the "Open the automatic destination folder for the drawing file" of the Drawing remediation management palette.
  • BAK file, make sure the folder of the drawing was open file.

If there is a file and to try to open the file from and change the extension of .SV $ ,. BAK each of the files in DWG, you might be able to restore. SV $ file, it will get upgraded and will open the original drawing file again after an abnormal termination. If you've been updated, so can not be restored from SV $, after the end or more, rather than a double-click of the drawing file, we recommend that you start from the application icon of IJCAD.


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