Drawing file copy from iTunes

Updated : 2019-07-08 07:17:37 UTC
Applicable Products : IJCAD Mobile (iOS)

In some way in order to open a drawing file in IJCAD Mobile, you need to copy the file iPad or the iPhone of the terminal. IJCAD how to use the cloud storage, such as Mobile in Dropbox has been prepared, but here, the terminal and Windows PC wired connection you described how to copy the file via iTunes.

In addition, please be sure that you install if it is not already installed iTunes.

If IJCAD Mobile (iOS) is not installed on the iPad / iPhone, please be sure that you install.


The copy procedure

  1. To start the iTunes.
  2. To connect the iPad to a Windows PC.
  3. To click because the iTunes toolbar terminal of the icon down is displayed.
  4. To select the APP from the settings on the left pane.
  5. To display the file share in the right pane, select the "IJCAD Mobile Free".
  6. Click the Add button file at the bottom of the column "documents IJCAD Mobile Free", select the file you want to copy.
  7. It was copied above. Turn off the connection of the iPad and the PC and then quit iTunes.

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