[Network License] To Change The IJCAD Start-Up Operation At The Time Of License Excess

Updated : 2019-06-18 06:52:16 UTC

Applicable Product: IJCAD 2015/2016 (network version)

IJCAD network version of, if you try to start in excess of the license, in the initial setting trial version (after the trial period is viewer state) has become to start as.

After you start in the viewer state, so that you do not the drawing, the client's behavior in the case of licenses had exceeded the number of licenses granted, it can be changed so that it does not start as a trial version .


Modification procedure

  1. The license server side, open the [userset.ini] file that is located in IJCAD NetWork License Manager was installed in the folder in a text editor.
    (Destination initial value: C: ¥ IJCAD NetWork License Manager )
  2. userset.ini files to have been described, and then set the value to 0 or 1 [NoStart].
    0: IJCAD will start as a trial version.
    1: IJCAD ends after the message display of excess state without starting.
  3. In [Save], and then override the settings.
  4. Of the Windows Start screen than [all programs (apps), and then start the [LMTools] in [IJCAD NetWork License Manager].
  5. Open the [Start / Stop / Reread] tab, temporarily stop the license manager by clicking on the [Stop Server] button, to continue, and click the [Start Server] button, and then restart the license manager.

  6. Set after the restart is enabled.
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