To Fill In The Withdrawal Line [Macro] XY Coordinates

Updated : 2020-12-07 08:55:43 UTC

Applicable products : IJCAD 2015 / 2016 


This article is a description sample of customization menu macro. LT / STD / PRO, is available in all grades.

Description of if you want to enter the XY coordinates of the point you click IJCAD.


XY coordinate macro (parallel entry)

Fill in the coordinate values ​​of the UCS

^C^C(progn (setq pt_w (trans (setq pt_u (getpoint "点を指定:")) 1 0)) (command "_ucs" "w" "_leader" pt_w pause "A" (strcat "X=" (rtos (cadr pt_u))) (strcat "Y=" (rtos (car pt_u))) "" "_ucs" "p" "")(redraw))


Fill in world coordinates

^C^C(progn (setq pt_w (trans (setq pt_u (getpoint "点を指定:")) 1 0)) (command "_ucs" "w" "_leader" pt_w pause "A" (strcat "X=" (rtos (car pt_w))) (strcat "Y=" (rtos (cadr pt_w))) "" "_ucs" "p" "")(redraw))


Filled in in meters coordinate values ​​of the UCS (suffix numbers are displayed in the "M")

^C^C(progn (setq pt_w (trans (setq pt_u (getpoint "点を指定:")) 1 0)) (command "_ucs" "w" "_leader" pt_w pause "A" (strcat "X=" (rtos (* 0.001 (cadr pt_u))) "M") (strcat "Y=" (rtos (* 0.001 (car pt_u))) "M") "" "_ucs" "p" "")(redraw))


sample : Example of entry in meters


If you want to write in the series,

(strcat "X=" (rtos (cadr pt_u))) (strcat "Y=" (rtos (car pt_u)))

of the part

(strcat "X=" (rtos (cadr pt_u)) ", Y=" (rtos (car pt_u)))
the description said.



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