What To Do If The Output Things Partially Lacking

Updated : 2019-03-15 06:52:52 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2013 or later

Printing and, when you output the drawing in patch print (publish), if the part is output in a partially missing state, check the following points.

If a particular area lacks

  1. Whether the paper size and scale is not a problem.
  2. Or paper size on the paper tray and the IJCAD of the printer are having.
    (Such as there is only A3 to the printer to set in A2.)
  3. Whether there is a direction of the paper in the direction and the printer of the paper print settings.
    (It is output in a state of being rotated when 90 degrees is not a direction.)
  4. Or drawings in print preview is displayed in the intended state.

It should be noted that, in the setting on the IJCAD, if the output to the scope and scale of the above output is displayed neatly also preview without problems is partially written, the information in the process of communicating with the printer driver and printer driver side is missing There is a possibility that, if Please make sure there are no improvements to the printer manufacturer if that.


If a particular figure is absent

  1. The layer is not set to print.
    → Go to the layers to print or graphic to set up to print the layer.
  2. Setting of the print style is not appropriate.
    → review and modify the color settings of the print setting.
  3. Shapes and layers is, RGB: have become 255, 255, 255.
    → color of TrueColor is, does not the color reversal by unlike background color is the seventh of the index color (white / black). RGB: 255,255,255 and white in Truecolor of, and a high-brightness color output with the color of the object, it is output in a state that does not seem to be output. In this case, you can change the color of the graphic and layer index number 7 of the color (white / black).
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