To turn off the "R", "Φ" of the Radius, Diameter dimensions

Updated : 2016-10-27 01:48:50 UTC

Target Products : IJCAD 2013 or later


When you fill in the radial dimension, the diameter dimension, it is possible to hide turn off the "R", "Φ" of the prefix notation.

Use the following procedure.

1. Run the dimension style management (DIMSTYLE) command
2. Click the "New"
3. Select the reference source, select the radius (or diameter) to apply destination, click on the "Continue"
 (Only affects the selected dimension style to Apply)
4. Enter the "Primary Units", "\U+FEFF" to "prefix notation (X)" tab or "space (blank)"
 (\U+FEFF is Unicode, which means a space with no width)
5. Close the dialog with "OK" and "Close"
If you want to see again, to delete the input "\U+FEFF" or "space (blank)".
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