To use the user variables

Updated : 2016-10-28 05:58:03 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2013 or later

If you want to temporarily save the value at the time of the drawing, you can use the following user variable.

User variables, you can store and acquisition at the command line or menu macro.

  • Real number : USERR1, USERR2 , USERR3 , USERR4 , USERR5
  • Integer : USERI1, USERI2, USERI3, USERI4, USERI5
  • string: USERS1, USERS2, USERS3, USERS4, USERS5 

USERR1-5, USERI1-5 is saved in the drawing file.
USERS1-5 will not be saved.


In addition to the above variables, in IJCAD, for development API is available (except LT grade), registry and you want to keep the value from the API, you can keep in the form of such as a text file.


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