How to change the work space

Updated : 2018-06-13 04:22:36 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD2014 and later

Work space includes quick access tool bar, tool bar, menu, ribbon, command definition.

Existing work space

  • 2D Drawing work space
    This is for ribbon interface work space.

  • Classic work space
    This work space is to display classical menu and tool bar.


Change of work space

You can change the work space in [Work space combo box] of the quick access tool bar.

If you cannot find the Work space combo box, you can find in the cutomize button of the quick access tool bar and let it be display active by checking [Work space].



How to customize the work space

  1. Create New work space
    You can create your original workspace beside the current one.

  2. Add the user interface elements into work place
    You can add/delete the command or block into the existing or newly created work space.


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