STD, USB, Network difference of each license type?

Updated : 2019-11-25 01:52:11 UTC

There are three types of licenses for IJCAD.

According to the customer's usage, please choose the best ones.


1. standalone type : 
License that can be used only on a single PC that authenticated.
License movement of it is also possible, but necessary procedure.

2. USB type : To install the PC software you use to attach the USB key.
Online Activation of each PC is unnecessary.

3: network type : To purchase the number of minutes of licenses to co-operation, and management at the installation the license server. (A minimum of three from the license)
In addition, the license manager of the maintenance contract is required separately.


IJCAD, IJAD Mechanical, IJCAD Civil, IJCAD Electrical, etc., are common in all of the product.


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