How to export the attribute information to Excel or CSV file

Updated : 2019-07-06 08:05:17 UTC

Applicable Product : IJCAD 2014 and later

The attribute information, such as the information in the drawing frame block, will be necessary to export to Excel or CSV file.

It is possible to export any attribute as a drawing information as follows. 


using command : EATTEXT (Extension Data export)


  1. Execute "EATTEXT" (Extension Data export) command.
    It is necessary to key in this command because this is not assigned on the Menu.

  2. The Data export wizard will begin.
    There are some steps to export the necessary information of each step.
    Each step is as follows.


    The process of data export starts. There is an option if you want to export new or to edit the current template / export data.

  3. [Defin Data Source]
    Select the drawing file which you want to export data.
    You can also select the appropriate object in this drawing by the select button.

  4. [Select Objects]
    Indicate the export object type (Block/non-block) and drawing information. Check that only the block which is necessary to export has a check mark. There appears a total check option when you right click on the item.

  5. [Select Properties]
    You can control the object, block drawing property you want to export.
    Keep only the attribute button selected, in the category filter column of right side of the window.

  6. [Refine Data]
    You can arrange the structure of the data export table.

  7. [Choose Output]
    Indicate the output type when data export. File extension will determine the file type.

  8. [Finish]
    When you select the "Finish" button, the data will be exported.

  9. Please check the export data.

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