How to set up the right click Menu ?

Updated : 2019-07-08 03:47:10 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2013 or later

Generally the right click Menu is set up valid in IJCAD.

Right click button can be set up to work as "Enter".

The set up method is as follows :

   1. Select the Option button in the IJCAD application icon.

  2. When the Option / Standard label is displayed, set up the [Windows Standard Process].


The set up choice is as follows :

  • Double Click Edit (IJCAD 2014 or later)
    When the element is double clicked, the adequate command will be executed. If this setting is invalid,
    the element will only be selected. 

  • Shortcut Menu in the Drawing Area
    When the right button is clicked, Shortcut Menu will be dsiplayed. If this is selected, Shortcut Menu will be appeared. And if not, right click works as "Enter".

  • Set the right click to the customized mode
    This setting allows when the shortcut menu in the drawing area is "ON", the right click mode will be changed  according to CAD situation.
    • Right click is valid according to the press time length :
      If the setting is "ON", when the press time is short (shor click) it works as "Enter", and when the press time is long (Long click) the menu will be displayed. The pressing time can be set up in "Click time length" column. (ex. If you want to set 0.5 second, set as 500.) 
    • Regular Mode :  The action when it is not selected neither element nor command.
    • Edit Mode : The action when it is selected the element.
    • Command Mode : The action when it is selected the command.
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