The return of the license due to the migration & initialization of your pc

Updated : 2020-06-01 01:48:10 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016


If you are using a stand-alone version

In IJCAD 2013,2014,2015,2016, if you are using a stand-alone version, the time for transfers and initialization of use PC, the return process of the license is required. 

The flow of the stand-alone version License Migration

  1. Run the "IJCAD License Management" from the Windows Start menu.

  2. From IJCAD license management, and then click the license return button.

  3. Input of return information - online return enabled version (IJCAD 2015) and later
    because the return information confirmation window is displayed, enter each item of the applicant's information, select the application reason.
  4. Return method can be done in either of the "procedure by the online" or "procedure by e-mail."
    • Online by you must be connected to the proceedings ... the Internet.
    • The authorization file for a procedural ... return by e-mail you'll need to send by E-mail.
  5. Please read the types of items in the procedure later.
    (IJCAD 2013/2014 is the corresponding only procedure by e-mail.)


In the case of procedures online

  1. Return information, and then click the "procedure by the online" button in the confirmation window.
  2. Please wait for a while since the processing of the return is done.
  3. If the return is successful, if you check the notes will be displayed a window, such as shown in the figure below, and check the "we have confirmed the contents of the notes" to close the "OK" button.

  4. And later in the same flow as a new installation, you will be able to activate in a different PC environment.


In the case of proceedings by e-mail

  1. Save the return for authentication file, and sends it to intelligent Japan.
  2. Return file will be sent at a later date from the intelligentsia Japan.
    (At this point, the license information has been cleared. Discard the PC, if you want to restore, work for the next 3 is not required.)
  3. The sending has been returned file, and then import from the return button of IJCAD license management. (Upon successful return, is removed from the list of license, it will be completely cleared from the PC.)
  4. Above, the processing of the return is complete.
    And later in the same flow as a new installation, you will be able to activate in a different PC environment.



If the return is ready to not be

  • By the failure of the PC, if the license return is difficult, on who fill out, and submit to the "license reissue application form and written oath", you activate in the new PC. (The re-authentication with the application form, please note that it may take several business days.)

  • Return the license procedure and a "license reissue application form and written oath" of, please refer to the attached PDF file of this article.


If you are using a network license

If you are migrating a license server, you will need to return processing of the license as well as the stand-alone version.

If the IP address and port by moving the license server has changed, you will need to change to match it also set the client PC. If the IP address and the port does not change, the client PC side configuration is required.


If you are using a USB license

Since it is a type of license to switch the only use PC replacement of USB key, there is no return work of license.


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