When you open the drawing file saved by IJCAD on AutoCAD, the message will appear

Updated : 2018-01-24 06:57:00 UTC

Applicable products : IJCAD all version

When you open the DWG/DXF file saved by IJCAD on AutoCAD(LT) 2004 or later, the following message will appear. (This message will be different accrording to AutoCAD Version.) 

This is not Autodesk DWG. The application which saved this DWG file is not the software developed by Autodesk nor software licensed by Autodesk. Autodesk will not warranty the compatibility nor integrity of this file.


This message will appear because of the limitation of watermark in the .dwg file, which is saved by the software beside Autodesk products.
IJCAD is developed to keep the data compatibility as a most important issue and to generate the high quality data, there is no problem even if this message will appear.

  • If you change the setting of system variable "DWGCHECK" to "2", the message will be inconspicuous.
    (cf. following picture : The message sample after the system value of AutoCAD set "DWGCHECK=2")


It happens to have the partial data corruption, when you open the data file from the other software. In this case, you may modify the data by "Audit" or "Recover" function. 

The following information will also help you.

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