How To Enter The Dimensions Tolerance - IJCAD Mechanical

Updated : 2019-07-08 07:16:38 UTC

Target Product: IJCAD Mechanical 2015/2016

Dimensional tolerance in IJCAD Mechanical can be created with the following procedure.

  1. Double-click the dimension values ​​that are plotted.
  2. Dialog of super dimension is displayed will be in the edit state.

  3. 1 Click the button on the above image.
  4. Since the input part of the values ​​and institutions of tolerance is displayed on the right-hand side, enter.
  5. If you want to adjust the difference between how the display, you'll see a dialog that tolerance method by clicking on the second part of the above image, and then select from the style of the image to be displayed.


Sample of tolerance style


If you want to create a dimensional tolerance regardless of the function of IJCAD Mechanical, see the following articles.

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