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Updated : 2019-04-22 06:42:13 UTC

 In Japan, than productivity is down when there is a lot of excellent domestic CAD as seen from the whole is therefore Japan exist? Each one of the CAD, also corresponds to the special use of the Japanese market, productivity has high. However, there is a problem in terms of data compatibility with other CAD. While it increases the exchange of CAD data, such as transactions with overseas, the poor of this data compatibility data conversion and modification work that does not produce value-added has caused the like.

In addition, since in addition to data compatibility problem is the specification of each CAD different, the learning has become a burden, is a big loss from the perspective of the entire Japan.

On the other hand, in emerging economies, for AutoCAD is an overwhelming market share, it does not hardly generated unnecessary work in the exchange of CAD data. In addition, if able to use AutoCAD, so the acquisition of 2D / 3D_CAD is complete. Situation of this as the current state of unstructured CAD does not could also serve as one of the causes that discourage the competitiveness of Japanese companies.


This is also, Galapagos syndrome can be said to be one of the.  >>


IntellJapan, AutoCAD and its compatible CAD formats of the major 2D / 3D CAD of Japan to unify in .dwg aims. Of course, in a special market that can not be covered by both the AutoCAD, it requires a purely domestic CAD and special foreign-made CAD.

However, we believe that to unify the other major markets in .dwg, leading to Japan's overall productivity up.

What I think is necessary in order to achieve

  • Low price
  • Ensure a certain standard in quality and performance of the product
  • It can be utilized in the latest environment such as OS
  • support system
  • Made in Japan-compatible CAD that meet the needs of the Japan market

That provide these we believe that the mission of intelliJapan.


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