When the Garbled Text appears

Updated : 2020-08-17 02:55:08 UTC

Applicable Products : IJCAD2014 or later

In a drawing file is input of multibyte characters are garbled characters (japanese say ”MOJIBAKE”) may occur. By setting appropriate action you can take is often garbled.


When the Text is displayed "?"

The reason why the text is displayed "?" might be as follows :

  • The text style setting is not correct
  • SHX font file is not installed
  • The font map setting is not correct


  1. First check the text style of the character which is garbled.
    (Select the garbled text and refer its property.)
  2. Execute the text style setting and check the font style.
  3. When the japanese characters are displayed "?", check if they are set up as BIGFONT. (If not, set as extfont2.shx)

If they are TrueType font, this font might not be installed in this PC. Font name has "(x)" expression. (refer to the figure below) Try to install this TrueType font into your PC and open the file again, or try to change the text font to the other TrueType font such as MS Gothic.  



When the text is displayed as  "□"

The reason why the text is displayed "□" might be as follows :

  • The font is not installed in this Windows OS


   1. First check the text style of the character which is displayd as "□".

   2. Check if this font is installed in this Windows or not.

   3. If this font is not installed, follow one of the next method.

          > If possible install this font

          > If it is impossible to install this font, Change the Text Style font of this drawing.
             (If it is japanese, change to MS Gothic, MEIRIO, etc.)


When the text is displayed the Text starting with "\U+" or "\M+"

The reason why the text is displayed as "\U+" or "\M+" might be as follows :

Character code or code page was not processed correctly, when this drawing was saved in the other CAD software.

This drawing file was made or saved in the foreign language environment beside japanese.


If it is possible to select the different version of the last saved CAD software, try to save this file again by the other version. (Text trends to be garbled because of the text cord difference between before and after the DWG/DXF 2007 format. If this file is saved by the version before 2007 format, it is recommended to save again with the version 2007 and after)  


Refer to attached documents. (japanese only)

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